10 Tips To Use Google Maps More Efficiently

To get the maximum out of Google Maps, whether you are using it from a desktop or a phone, here are some tips which will make you easier and faster to use.

1. Save Directions:

If you use Google Maps for directions, then it makes sense to store your work and home addresses so that you don’t need to renter them all the time. In order to precede this, tap the person icon in the right hand corner of the search bar. You can also edit your addresses later on by pulling out the settings tab at the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Favorite Spots:

While viewing a particular location such as restaurant, park, etc; you can click on the ‘star’ symbol to mark it as your favorite location. Once you mark it, you can see all your favorite locations by going to “My places” -> “Starred”.

3. Street View:

Street view is working well on a desktop, but it works surprisingly well on the phone as well. You need to press and hold the area you want to view on the map to drop a pin. From there you’ll be provided with the option to enter street view, share the location, or get the directions.

4. Get Link For Your Direction:

Once you obtain all your directions, and want to quickly email it to your friends, you can get the link for the direction by tapping on the ‘Link’ icon located next to the ‘Print’ icon on the upper left side corner.

5. Add Several Destinations:

When you are planning for any trip, you can also add multiple destinations along with your trip and get one route for all. Click on the ‘”add destination” link on the right side of the map.

6. Check For Upcoming Events:

If you are going out in a new city or just travel around your own courtyard, finding events can be a lot of challenging for you. Google Maps makes it a little easier by allowing you to select an event venue on the map; a list of upcoming events will appear. From this process, you can purchase tickets or book passes as per your interest.

7. Save Maps For Offline Mode:

If you want to access a map come what may, open the map if you’re somewhere with a limited connectivity. Tap the search box, scroll all the way up earlier suggestions, and select “Make this map area available offline”. This feature is available only for Android users right now, but Google is planning to launch it for iOS users as well.

8. Check For Google’s Recommendations:

Tap on the search bar, hit Explore, then Google will come up with some recommendations for nearby hotels, shops, restaurants, and many more.

9. View Traffic Route:

To view the traffic, move your mouse to “Satellite” on the upper right-side, which will display a drop-down list, choose “Traffic” from this list. This will show the live traffic by default. If you are preparing for a post dated trip, you can roughly predict the traffic at that time by selecting your day and time of travel. This feature is based on the traffic data from the previous day and time based on your selection.

10. Begin GPS Navigation In Few Seconds:

Choose the place where you want to go, and then hold your finger in that mark to drop a pin. When you do this, a transportation icon will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. Tap and hold it to activate turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

Is there any other way to make the best use of Google Maps? Do share with us.

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