5 Reasons Why I Like Promoting Amazon Products

I have been a part of Amazon’s affiliate program since 3 years now and it is one of my favorite affiliate program. Lot of people tend to ignore Amazon’s affiliate program Amazon Associates because of its low commission but I never felt that. Not many affiliates know that they can earn up to 8.50% commission with Amazon and up to 15% with its partners. The 4% is just the base rate and can be increased. Here are my top reasons why I like Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates

Brand & Trust

Amazon is a very famous brand and people trust Amazon. While shopping online some people feel insecure to share their personal information and hence it is difficult to earn from such people. Amazon is one of the leading brands and there are millions of people who shop at Amazon. Most of the products at Amazon have user reviews which can be trusted. This helps the shopper in making the right decision on whether to purchase the product or not.

Payment Options

Since I am in India, Amazon sends me cheques of my earnings and I have never had issues with them. US affiliates can get a direct deposit to their bank and can also opt to get the Amazon gift certificates. The minimum payout for direct deposit and gift certificates is only $10. This is good for smaller affiliates who are new in the business.

Easy Integration

Amazon Associates has a lot of options to create links, stores, widgets and more. If you are still not satisfied with what Amazon provides, then you can go for plugins like PHPZon or store scripts like Associate-O-Matic. PHPZon and WP Zon are the two top plugins I recommend for WordPress users. You can easily integrated Amazon products in to your WordPress blog with these plugins.

Commissions On Every Sale

This is the best feature of Amazon Associates. When I send someone to the Amazon store with my affiliate link, I get commissions on all the products the person buys on Amazon. Amazon has a nice product recommendation feature which allows shoppers to buy more. The more they buy, the more I earn.

Wide Range Of Products

Almost anything and everything is available at the Amazon Store. This means I can use my affiliate links on almost all my product sites and make money from them. I don’t have to look for affiliate programs nor do I have to go through an application or review every time. Once you are an Amazon affiliate, you are free to promote everything that is available on their online store.

How is your experience with Amazon Associates? I would highly recommend you to use it and make that extra cash from your website or blog.

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  1. I use Amazon to add some content on my website.
    I like to recommend some good books. Even if it is not the best way to make money, it’s something positive for any website.

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