8 Top Platforms To Create Mobile Apps

Hiring developers for building a fully functional mobile app from scratch can be too expensive. As an alternative of hiring costly app developers to build an app, there are many mobile platforms at a reasonable budget available to build an app quickly without any coding knowledge required. Here are some of the app building tools that can help you create high-end app.

1. AppMakr:

AppMakr is used for building robust, native apps for iOS and Android platform. You can build high-quality apps as per your requirement with unlimited updates at no cost.

The key features include push notifications, high-resolution photo galleries, HTML 5 functionality, live updates, branding and design customization. Other features include navigation control, monetization and tab viewing.

AppMakr gives you complete identity over your app. All apps created through AppMakr are published under your own developer Account or brand.

2. AppMachine:

AppMachine is a lucrative way to build a professional and best quality app either by you or with the help of developers. You can build apps for free with AppMachine and pay only for the service when they are ready to publish.

Using AppMachine, you have a choice of incorporating standard or advanced features. Standard features comprise of activities, photos, videos, music, social media, contact information, analytics and many more. Advanced features include custom coding, online store, and web services to allow connections to external data sources.

3. Bizness Apps:

Bizness Apps tool is appropriate for nearly any type of business. This includes restaurants, bands, sports, legal services, nonprofits, real estate. It gives a user-friendly content-management system that allows companies to design and customize the App for iOS and Android devices.

Bizness Apps offers several design templates, which can also be customized. The app builder can include features such as push notifications, GPS, content sharing, social media, third party integration, mobile shopping cart, mobile reservations and food ordering, mailing lists, custom email forms. You can also use the preview feature to demonstrate apps online or from the mobile devices.

4. Mobile Roadie:

Mobile Roadie is an illustrious self-published app-creation tool available for businesses. This app at present used by well known sports organisation in America. Using Mobile Roadie, you can create app such as Geo-targeted push notifications for appropriate and individualized messages, location maps to track users exact location, mobile marketing tools, news updates, chat options.

Other features of Mobile Roadie include Twitpic, Facebook, Instagram, video integration from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, audio importing from iTunes. You can also create Quick Response (QR) codes to scan and link to or unlock extra content. Mobile Roadie’s advanced feature contains important customer data like what users are viewing, sharing and buying on the app.

5. GameSalad:

GameSalad is a drag-and-drop app builder that permits anyone to build a robust gaming app without any coding skills. You can commence building your game using its drag-and-drop interface and wide collection of game elements. By using its In-App Previewer, the users can test game logics on their desktop or mobile devices to get an amazing gaming experience. Users can build a game in hours instead of months and weeks.

You can publish your game on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Nook, Windows 8 and Mac desktop. You may also publish your game online to GameSalad Arcade and expand your reach over the Web outside of these platforms.

6. Appery.io:

Appery.io is the drag-and-drop cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated back-end services. It means that the builder can run the entire app in the cloud, therefore nothing to install or download. This makes it easy to build and launch your app.

Developers can perform advanced functions, such as add and delete cloud databases, plugins, edit source code, use custom coding, export the app as HTML, or build a binary for Android and iOS. It builds a genuine HTML5, jQuery Mobile and Hybrid apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

7. Conduit Mobile:

Conduit Mobile let business owners to simply create customized apps. It offers various features for any type of business such as restaurant, running an online store, services by appointment only, scheduling appointments, add music and sell albums via iTunes as well as from Amazon.

Conduit has many add-ons for promoting your business, such as push notifications, about and contact pages, user reviews, directions and maps, catalog displays, content sharing and social media integration. Like other app-creation platform, Conduit also contains a number of app-management tools, including advanced analytics, monetization, preview and testing, user reports and user engagement.

8. App Factory:

The App Factory tool automatically pulls out your content by using your website, RSS feed or Atom feed, in order to create an app quickly. You just need to enter your website or feed URL, upload your logo, choose your colors, and that’s it. The App Factory ropes up to four website and URL feeds as individual outlet within your app. It allows you to deliver content directly to the mobile users as it goes live.

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