9 Alternatives To Remote Desktop Connection

If you want to access any computer remotely or share your personal computer, then you need the remote desktop application which is safe and trustworthy. The Windows Remote Desktop Connection is good enough to remotely access any computer if you’re using windows operating system. It is a simple desktop tool and can be very helpful when you want to help a remote person who is not a frequent computer user. All you have to do is ask the remote person to connect to the internet and start the Remote Desktop Connection & a small guidance from you end to the remote user to know of the IP address of that machine. The rest of the things can be done by yourself.

Remote Desktop Connection Alternatives

Remote Desktop Connection comes with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8 & Windows 2000. In case you don’t use any of these windows versions, you need to have 3rd party applications which will help you serve the cause. In addition to the Windows remote desktop application, there are also some other applications which are easy to work and one can operate by only few clicks without any complicated settings. Here are the list of some other Remote Desktop applications to connect  any computer remotely.


Many people now use Teamviewer to access the remote system. It can be installed very easily and it has simple user interface. In order to connect the remote system, Teamviewer should be installed on your partner’s system and an auto generated unique Teamviewer ID & password needs to be shared by your partner with you once the teamviewer is started on the remote system, so that you can access that system. Once connected, you can access the applications and data of the remote system as well transfer the files to the remote the system. Teamviewer is available for Free download for Linux, Windows and Mac. Teamviewer is also available Free Download for the mobile devices running Android, iOS & Windows 8 operating system.


ThinVNC is a web-based remote desktop solution. All the remote computers can be accessed from the HTML5 compatible web browser-based session from the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE & Safari to download and upload documents into/from the remote machine. As far as installation is concerned, we think that the user must have some knowledge of port, IP address for smooth installation process. ThinVNC is accessible from Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome operating system. ThinVNC is also accessible from the devices like iPhone, iPad , Android tablets, etc. Free installer can be downloaded from this link.


UltraVNC application requires to setup a UltraVNC Server at the remote computer that you want to remotely control and UltraVNC Viewer on your machine. UltraVNC comes with the features like file transfer support &  text chat. UltraVNC can be downloaded for Free.


LogMeln remote desktop application comes with some features like drag-and-drop file transfer, synchronization, and advanced meeting tools. LogMeIn has two versions LogMeln Free and LogMeln Pro. LogMein Pro charges $70 per year and $13 per month. LogMein Free version can be downloaded from this link.


ShowMyPC along with remote support provides meeting services to the users. Services include free and premium Remote PC access, Screen Sharing, Desktop Sharing.

ShowMyPC is Free is for download.

Ammyy Admin:

You can share a remote computer over the Internet with Ammyy Admin. Ammyy Admin is easy and allow to access a remote desktop within a few seconds.

Ammyy Admin is Free for download

Radmin(Remote Administrator):

Radmin is secure and fast remote access application which enables you to work on a remote computer. Radmin consists of two different modules:

  • The Server module: It should be installed it on that computer which you want to access remotely.
  • The Client module: It should be installed it on that computer which you want to use to access remote computer.

Radmin can be downloaded for Free from this link.

Any Place Control:

Any Place Control remote desktop software connects the remote computer even through Routers or Firewalls & allow you transfer files to remote computer. It has User Friendly Interface. Any Place Control can be downloaded for Free from this link.


Remote Users can quickly join your session without downloading or installing anything. Yuuguu saves a lot of time.

Which Remote Desktop Connection application do you prefer to use apart from the Windows application? Do share your views.

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  1. I agree with previous comment about RDP. But How often you need multiple sessions? I think that its neccesary only in terminal servers. For remote support better to have different solutions like http://bomgar.com or https://deskrol.com. It will show information about PC, you have chat and file transfers tools, which is more comfortable solution.

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