ad:tech New Delhi Day 1 – Master Class #adtechin

Day one at ad:tech New Delhi was a one day workshop where knowledge partner Communicate 2 along with a few other speakers was involved in sharing knowledge about search and social media marketing. Most of the sessions were moderated by Vivek Bhargava, Managing Director, Communicate 2. In all, there were 7 sessions and I was able to attend 6 of them.

ad:tech new delhi registration booth

Here are some points I took from all the sessions:

  1. If you have a problem with your content being stolen and ranked higher by the thief, you can try to increase the Google crawler rate to your website. This can be done using the Google webmaster tools. This might help in Google finding your content before the other person who copied your content.
  2. Bounce rate is a common problem with most of the websites. An employee from HP shared that their bounce rate is 90% which according to Amit Singh from Google is pretty high. Bounce rate on a site can be brought down by finding keywords which have a higher bounce rate. Adding relevant information to the page or avoiding traffic for that keyword can lower your bounce rate. For eg. I would not like people to come to my blog who are looking for an Apple Store in New York. These people will obviously leave my blog immediately as there is no such information. So the solution to do this is either add information about an Apple store in New York or remove/edit the content that is bringing in such traffic.
  3. Google has tested 13000 algorithm changes in 2010. If we are surprised by the multiple Panda updates already, we need to be aware that this might just be the beginning.
  4. Targeting customers by their geo locations can be very profitable and is something that every advertiser should do.
  5. If your site serves people from different countries, you should have separate sub domains for that. For e.g. for USA audience, for Indian audience and so on.
  6. One of every three people looking for something on Google search, ends up watching a YouTube Video. If you don’t have videos on YouTube, it’s time you start creating some.
  7. YouTube has seen a 100% increase in video views and 30% increase in users since one year.
  8. In India, 29% of the YouTube Videos are viewed from a cell phone.
  9. 65% of YouTube viewers search for relevant videos after they have completed watching the first one.
  10. Hippos increased their sales by 76% with help of twitter.
  11. Retailers, stores, restaurants and similar businesses should incentivize customers for mentioning them on social networks.

The day ended with a short session by Vivek Bhargava. Vivek addressed the most common problem faced nowadays. He shared a few ideas on how to convince CEOs. CTOs and CIOs to go digital. This can be done by showing how social networks or search engines can help the brand and profits for the company.

In my opinion the first day at ad:tech New Delhi was very fruitful and definitely worth the money spent by so many people. The crowd at ad:tech is more corporate style and my guess is that most of the attendees are sponsored by their organizations to gain knowledge. On day one I could see approximately 15% of people from other countries where most of them were asians.

Here are some pictures clicked by me at the Master Class:

ad:tech new delhi master class

ad:tech new delhi master class

ad:tech new delhi master class

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