ad:tech New Delhi – Day 2 #adtechin

Day 2 at ad:tech New Delhi started with a keynote session by Mr. Shiv Singh, Global head of Digital, PepsiCo. Shiv shared information on what real-time marketing is and how every industry can benefit out of it. I spoke to lot of people after the keynote and almost everyone was pretty impressed with the keynote. Later, there was a keynote by the LinkedIn MD, Asia-Pacific region followed by some panel sessions and industry presentations.

The exhibit hall at ad:tech New Delhi was open on the second day and I could see it jam-packed during the lunch time. I could see plenty of visitors turn up on the second day. The visitors pass for ad:tech is free and all visitors access to the exhibit hall. There were plenty of ad networks, analytics and development companies who showcased their products and services. I was pretty impressed by the Yahoo booth and it wins by best booth award for ad:tech New Delhi, 2012.

ad:tech New Delhi Yahoo Booth

adtech New Delhi Yahoo Booth

Google had a booth too and only the free donuts and coffee section looked occupied most of the time. There were a few people with Google shirts on but they ran away when they saw me clicking pictures. BTW, I was taking pictures with my iPhone 4S which does not look like a Gun for sure.

adtech New Delhi Google Booth

One of my favorite affiliate networks Neverblue was at ad:tech. Neverblue has started their asia office in Hong Kong and now have plenty of offers from Asian market. Kelvin Leung, affiliate manager from Neverblue asia was present at the booth and had a message to share.

I got meet a few old friends from the industry and made plenty of new ones on day 2 at ad:tech New Delhi. It was really great to meet like-minded people, learn and share information with them. I think networking with people at such events is very important and that’s where I spent most of my time on Day 2. Gurgaon is the city where ad:tech was being held and is one of the two cities in India where micro breweries are present. These micro breweries brew their own beer in-house and serve it fresh. A couple of these locations were a perfect spot to hang around and party with some old and new friends :D.

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