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Last night I was discussing few things with a friend over Skype about websites, Internet Marketing and Making Money Online. The talks mostly were about affiliate marketing, eBay, Amazon etc. Like I always say the most important thing to make money online is to get good amount of traffic. No matter how you are making money online, traffic is the most important factor to increase your sales and income. I am sure that many of my readers, just like me, would have old websites/blogs which are just lying there without any updates or changes since months and hence no traffic. We all know that search engines like fresh content and the search engine bots visits to your website/blog slows down once it sees the same old content all the time. In other words, every search engine crawls your site more frequently if you constantly update it. Once the search engine sees that the site is not changed, it will delay its next visit to your website. I have heard that most of the news websites are crawled within seconds by search engines.

If you are lazy like me and think you do not actually have time to update your website/blog everyday then here is a simple little trick that might work for you. This will also work for people who might have made a real gem of a post months ago but its hidden somewhere in the archive and its not gaining any attention now. This plugin is called the ‘Advanced Random Post Plugin‘. What this plugin does is pulls a post from your archives and displays it on your homepage. This means every time you refresh our page, you will get a new post on your homepage. This also means that your user gets to see something different (maybe not new), everytime he/she visits your blog.

You can customize the plugin from the admin panel itself. Here are some few things you can do with Advanced Random Post Plugin:

1. Define the postition of the random post. For e.g. You can put it right on top (1st post), second, third etc.

2. You can define the number of random posts that can be shown on homepage.

3. You can define a title for the random post. Something like ‘Random Post:’, ‘Post from our Archives:’ etc. I would recommend to keep this to the original post it self.

Please share your websites in the comments section which use this plugin. Don’t forget that I am using No No follow rules for commentators.

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  1. Hello,

    I have question….is it possible to have random post plugin to pull the source from other blog and display on my home page. In other words, to change the source archive in php. Thanks..


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