Affiliate Summit West 2011 Free Gold Pass Contest

Affiliate Summit West 2011 will be held from 9th January 2011 – 11th January 2011 at Wynn, Las Vegas. I have been to Affiliate Summit East 2010 and have written about my experiences on this blog. I feel that Affiliate Summit is a must attend event for you, if you are in to making money online.

I have 5 Gold passes to give away to lucky winners on this blog. The cost of the Gold pass right now is $279 and the price increases as we get closer to the show. Affiliate Summit East 2010 was sold out and people did not get any passes because they were too late. I myself did not get a chance to upgrade my pass as the show was already full.

Here are a few questions that you would have in your mind:

How Do I Win Affiliate Summit West 2011 Gold Pass?

I am starting a contest today which will end on 30th November 2010. This gives you more than a month’s time to decide on your travel, accommodation etc. in case you win the pass. On 30th November 2010, the top 5 commentators on this blog will win the Gold passes for ASW11. It’s that simple :). Please note that I am a bit strict on my comments policy and will delete any spam and un-relevant comments. I know my blog readers are not spammers so I guess everyone will be OK.

What Does The Pass Include?

To know more on what you get with the Gold pass, you can visit the Affiliate Summit website.

Are You Paying For Travel & Accommodation?

No. You will just get the pass.

Tip For Winning The Gold Pass:

The best way to win the pass is to stay tuned on this blog. I update this blog almost daily so there will be something for you to comment on everyday. You may subscribe to the blog feed and follow me on twitter for the updates.

Important Note:

The passes cannot be transferred and become invalid in the event the conference sells out. Also, anybody registering for a complimentary pass who neither checks in at the conference nor cancels will be ineligible for future complimentary passes.

Please apply only if you are really serious about attending the show. If you are not from United States and need a Visa, you may follow my tips on getting a US Visa.

Right now, I am resetting the top commentators count and the contest is good to start. Good Luck Guys!!!

28 Responses to Affiliate Summit West 2011 Free Gold Pass Contest

  1. Very generous of you. I’ll be following your blog and aim to win the pass. I had a great time in NYC as well. Maybe we can meet in Vegas in 2011!?!

  2. Hi Harshad, I will not be competing for this pass. Still intend to comment on your terrific posts (after your contest ends). Please disregard my name from the top 5 commentators and let the others win!

  3. I’ve attended many of the more recent Affiliate Summit’s and as venues for meeting people who can help move your business forward you will not attend a better show in the affiliate marketing space.

    Last year’s ASW I had the pleasure of speaking at (I spoke on Affiliate marketing in Europe), but I missed the ASE in New York last summer even though I had won a ticket.

    I’d not ready your blog before Harshad, but bookmarked now for future information. It’s always great to see commentators giving up their time and knowledge freely, without it nobody would learn and there would be no trade shows for us all to go to.

    Would love to see you there and I was in the Wynn less than 3 weeks ago and I love the hotel and the clubs – Surrender and Tryst are out of this world!

  4. Hi all,

    Th is a great informative blog. Love contests.

    I want to win the free gold pass to the Affiliate Summit 2011. Love to go!
    Great networking

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