Akshay Kumar and RDB at IIFA awards 2007

This in my opinion is the best performance by any Bollywood star. This is Akshay Kumar performing with RDB at IIFA awards night 2007. I have been searching for this video since long time and have finally found it. For people who don’t know Akshay Kumar, he is an actor from India and not a singer. I liked the way he made his entrance through the crowd and yes the rap at the start was really amazing. Here we go ‘This goes out to the girls to the front to the back to the middle to the left to the right…I’m gonna rock this iifa night…RDB is with me tonight…aaja mahi aaja maahi…..‘ Enjoy the performance!!!

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  1. aww yeah ! it was a hot hot hot hot performance !.. entry and end was so cool. btw, worst performance at IIFA was of Abhishek

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