Always Have A Website To Boost Your Presence Online: Matt Cutts

Google’s Matt Cutts in his latest webmaster video discusses about the most common SEO mistake. Matt had a lot of fun with this Google webmaster help video, where he efficiently trying to make himself invisible.

Matt Cutts Website Importance

Matt said that if you don’t have a website, then obviously you’re invisible on the web. That would be really surprising because if you have a great business, people will find you on the web. It would be great loss if you don’t have any website.

Matt highlighted a serious problem in humorous way that many businesses don’t have any kind of website at all. Instead they depend on third-party sources like Yelp or other local search results, in order to get their information to potential customers. Many websites rely on their Facebook page as well to make their web presence.

Matt recommends creating a website to boost your online presence. Use the title as well as description on your most important pages.

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