Apple iPhone Hung? Hanged? Don’t Panic And Restore It

I recently met this Gentleman at a function who was so angry with himself and the Apple iPhone. He got an Apple iPhone and used it only for two months. What happened after that? His Apple iPhone 3GS got hung and nobody could help him. This guy now has his iPhone lying somewhere and no one is using it. Some mobile phone repair centers asked him to throw away the phone as its of no use now. The problem is that whenever he tries to switch on the phone, all he sees is a nice Apple logo and nothing beyond it. The strange thing here is that this guy knows two other people who have faced the same problem and are not able to use their iPhones. All 3 of them have purchased new phones now.

The solution to iPhone not responding is pretty simple. You can get your iPhone back to normal working condition after facing such problem. Just follow the steps below to restore your Apple iPhone. The only drawback in restoring your iPhone is that you will lose all your data once the restore is complete:

  1. Sit in front of your computer or laptop with iTunes loaded.
  2. Connect the iPhone/iPod USB cable to your computer. Don’t connect the phone end yet.
  3. Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake together button for 5-10 seconds. The Home button is the big black button in the lower center of the phone while the Sleep/Wake button is the one on top – next to the sim card.
  4. Your phone will restart as soon as you hold both the above mentioned keys for 5-10 seconds. Just as the Apple logo on your iPhone goes off, connect the USB cable to the phone end and hold the Home key.
  5. Hold the Home key till you see the image which asks to plugin your iPhone to iTunes. See image below:
  6. Restore Apple iPhone
  7. Once you see this image, you will see a window on your computer that will ask you to restore your iPhone.
  8. Apple iPhone Hung Hanged
  9. Just follow the on screen instructions and your iPhone will be back to normal but without any of your old data.

You might have to repeat step 4 and step 5 lot of times till you get it right. I had to try lot of times to get the iTunes image on my phone while trying this. Sometimes, the phone needs to be charged and it will ask for the same by displaying the battery low image.

Share this with friends who own an Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad. No need to throw away a non responsive Apple product now. 😉

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  1. I also hear about this problem with iPhon. I hope, people with this kind of problem read this post. I don’t use iPhone but however the post is also interesting for me.

  2. I am not using iphone but now most of the people try to buy iphones because they contain all possible type of features specially our business man…but i think this blog can help them…

  3. The post is quite interesting and thrilling at the same time, especially because I am having “iPhone itch” right now and going to own it soon. I hope I would not encounter the same issue but if I will, then definitely, I give it a try.

    Thanks Harshad for giving this information.

      • Hi Harshad,

        My iphone4 gives me this continues problem-automatically it goes into this mode where the automated voice continues whenever I touch any icon.
        Pls help needed, i tried the steps that u have mentioned- but it still returned to same state-
        If this phone wasnt gifted by my hubby, it would have been sold by now!!!

        Pls really help required.

      • thanks a lot dude … i got my iphone back … i though i lost thanks thanks .. really it feels happy when problem solved through own hand … all credit goes to u dude

  4. The other fix I have found for the same issue recently… All you need to do is disconnect all the devices from the phone i.e. Battery and all the cards (Sim and storage).. keep phone for a while that way and then connect everything and turn it on…if it does not work then remove the storage chip and then try, it should work! If it works after removing storage chip then you need to format that using the computer.

  5. My iPhone got hung when I was resetting and erasing all the old content from it. I tried to switch it off and the OS got lost. Finally, I could restore it to working condition using the ipsw file .. Thanks ..

  6. hi,

    its really worked……..
    from lst 3 days i m nt able to on my phone…same problem n only apple symbol come nothing else but with your help its all set now….
    thx harshad

  7. Hi,
    It’s really a magic. I scared for my new IPhone 4. it hanged forever once I end a call from my friend…
    I just searched this solution and tried. now it’s working fine..
    Thanks dude…

  8. thank u soo much for posting this up i dropped my phone in water and this happened to me though im losing all my date ;'( i get to use my phone again and iw as about to pay a guy up tp 50$ to fix this problem but im doing it right now im abit ehh about losing everything in the phone :/ but its okay i guess but if anyone know how to get old data back please contact me

  9. Hi,
    It’s really a magic. I scared for my new IPhone 4. it hanged forever once I end a call from my friend…
    I just searched this solution and tried. now it’s working fine..
    Thanks dude…

  10. Excellent tip!!! I am using iPhone4 and experienced the same problem i.e. it got hung after following this tip, it rebooted perfectly fine and the amazing thing was , it did not delete the data as my iphone4 started worked after step #3!!!. Thanks for posting this tip.

  11. My jailbroken iphone 4 continues to be hung (white apple) despite powering off & on several times (with & without sim tray)….what next to be done?

  12. i tried this and the image about the itunes has detected your an iphone… this never came up on my computer, and i dont know what to do cause my comp seems like its not recognising my iphone :(.. please help?

  13. Hi! My iphone4 is always hung. But suddenly it will back to normal. And i want to know whats the reasons why is it always hung.


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