Apple Opens iAd Workbench To All Users With An Apple ID

Last year, Apple introduced iAd Workbench ad campaign creation tool for iOS developers, in order to create their own campaigns for the users. Apple is now allowing everyone with an Apple ID to use iAd Workbench platform.

According to Apple, iAd Workbench is an easier way to promote your brand to millions of people on their Apple devices. In just few steps, you can develop a campaign that brings traffic to your website, generates video views and promote iTunes Store Account. Targeting options include gender, age, device, context, location and time of day.

You can select your audience, set your budget and run your campaign across several Apple-verified and brand-safe iOS apps. It also helps you to track performance metrics, impressions, spend, taps, conversions and other detailed insights from the dashboard. Overall, you can optimize your campaigns to get the best results.

Apple has integrated this service with other tools to create banners for the ad campaigns. On the other hand, you can also upload the banner or the URL to the website. The iAd Workbench will also include support for short videos within ads, which was previously limited to big brands.

With  iAd Workbench, Apple says advertisers can create, price and target their campaigns, which  go up in 24 to 48 hours. Advertisers have the choice of payment based on cost-per-thousand impressions or cost-per-click, but the company hasn’t revealed the rates.

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