Are You Still Not Making Money Online?

Are you still not able to make some serious money online? Do you know what can be the reason? Are the methods you are using wrong? What can it be? Sit back and read on..

Learning something new can be good, but..

There are many ways and methods which you can follow to make money online. If you research on the Internet or meet people who are in the Internet marketing business, you will find different people having different ideas and ways using which they make money. I met quiet a few interesting people at Affiliate Summit East 2010 and the things they do are pretty cool. Knowing about new things is pretty awesome not just because you have learned something new but also because you will be doing something different. Doing something different is pretty exciting because you will be shifting from something that you have been doing for days and months and might have become boring now.

Master the technique that is working for you..

So how do we tackle all this situation? Obviously, we cannot simply start implementing whatever we learn everyday. The most important fact that not many in this industry know is that copying simply does not work. You have to think and do something unique if you really want to make some money online which again is not easy. The biggest distraction are the online gurus releasing their products every now and then. If you are a big follower of at least 2-3 Internet Marketing forums, you can see a product being launched almost everyday. Lot of people spend their time and money on such products and end up gaining absolutely nothing. This has happened with me and it keeps on happening all the time with everyone of us. The best thing is to keep such things at the side and firstly concentrate on something that is working for you. The real people who make lots of money online spend most of their time on implementing and not reading stuff on the Internet.

Set Goals, plan and then move to that new idea..

So does this mean we can ignore all that is being shared and only stick to what we have success with? In a way I would say yes. There are ways and methods using which one can and should grow. Using new methods techniques are signs of growing and that’s how you will always increase your online income. For eg. I started with making money from dating affiliate offers and then I shifted to Google AdSense… now I am more serious with Affiliate Marketing and selling products. Does this mean I am not working with Google AdSense now? Of course I am. This means that I have always tried something new and have grown my business. This does not means that I completely ignored what I was doing earlier and jumped on a new scheme or idea altogether. There has to be a goal and a plan. When I left my day job, I had a goal and a plan. I had a target which I thought I need to achieve in X amount of months on a consistent basis. Once the target was met, it was time for me to safely quit my day job. Similarly, every Internet Marketer needs to set goals and plans using which they can move from one direction to another which will enable them to grow.

Lots of Information is a BIG problem..

The biggest problem I see with every new person trying to make money online is information overload. I have seen people work for 18 hours a day without making more than $100 per month. While there are people who would work 4 hours a day and generate more than $10K in a month. So the main idea here is to find stick to what is working for you. If you have downloaded the Free ebook from this blog, you might have noticed that it is very pretty plain and simple. Why have I made it that way? Because that’s how it works for everyone to start with. The ebook contains methods I use to generate money online and it should work for most of you regardless of your location, age or sex. If you follow exactly what is mentioned in the book, you can easily generate more than 10K a month. Heck, if you still need more information on making money online, I have a simple guide which will help you get started. It’s all about dedication and implementation. Later, you can add your own ideas and techniques to make things more unique and make some more money. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments or just send me an email using the contact form. I want you to make money online and I am here to help you out.

7 Responses to Are You Still Not Making Money Online?

  1. I saw you mention following big marketing forums and watching for product launches. I know about WarriorForum and WickedFire, are there any others that you recommend that are high quality? Thanks in advance.

      • Any chance you can tell me which ones you consider worth following? If you don’t want to mention them publicly maybe you can email them to me? Thanks in advance.

        • I really cannot name a few…if I start naming them then I am sure I can come up with at least 100 of them. The reason I don’t want to do it is because I want you to focus on implementation rather than learning lot of new things. Just read posts on this blog and implement what you read… that will be good enough for you to earn a lot.

  2. I learned a lot of things within internet marketing, but only 1% of everything I learned actually makes me any money. Right now I’m focusing on ppv which is actually giving me profits. Scaling should be easier when you don’t have a million things to try.

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