Attend Trade Shows and display your product

Selling a product or service requires lot of marketing. With the current market scenario, selling a product has become more difficult. Every company and individual is going towards cost cutting. Getting someone to buy your product at this stage can be very difficult. Internet marketing is a good option but limited. Offline marketing always is more affective and always will be. Internet marketing can always be considered as a secondary method of getting customers.

We won’t be discussing more of Internet marketing in this post. Offline marketing can be done in various ways but the most affective way is to target the right audience. Marketing a beer in switzerland winter will not be a good option. It is always difficult to spend money on marketing as we are not sure if there would be positive results out of it. People who are making it big in the industry have spent huge amount of money in advertising.

The best way to get your target audience is to attend Trae Shows. There are Trade Shows which are dedicated to a similar product line whereas there are many others which are generic. Number of people visiting Trade Shows is increasing quiet reasonably. While avertising in a Trade Show, you need to ensure that you get the best spot which is highky visible and second comes your Trade Show Booths. There are many companies which provide you booths which come at quiet reasonable price. You just need to ensure which booth suits your booth location and product. Here are some points that you should keep in mind while planning to advertise at a Trade Show.

1. Select a good, atractive booth from a range of Trade Show Displays and Trade Show Exhibits.

2. Keeping attractive girls always helps. Some people might have a good reason to visit your booth and try to know more about your product.

3. Encourage people to take pictures at your booth. Provide a free picture of theirs taken at your booth. Your product gets advertised till the picture lasts.

4. Engage your best marketing person who has good knowledge about the product.

5. A Trade Show Booth attended by some senior person from the company will do wonders for your sales.

6. Atleast gather visitng cards or contact information from all people who are inquiring at your booth. Follow up with them after the show in case they did not convert.

7. Use a Bluetooth system and send messages about your booth/product to cellphones with bluetooth on. You are bound to get tech savvy people gain your attention.

8. Always smile and welcome people passing by your booth.


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  1. im a believer of trade shows, metals signs, aluminum, vinyl or roll up banners, or neon signs are very effective. They convey to people what is the nature of your business and expose your services to potential customers.

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