ClickBank $2 Billion Revenue Celebration and Contest

ClickBank has announced that they have paid $2 billion to their affiliate marketers and vendors till date. The company reached the one billion mark in 2008 and it took them 10 years to reach that mark. ClickBank reached from 1 billion to 2 billion in just 3 years which shows us the pace at which this industry is growing. For people who don’t know about ClickBank, it is marketplace where people sell their digital products. These are mostly ebooks, softwares and other services that are digital.

According to ClickBank, they perform an average of 30,000 transactions daily across 190 countries. ClickBank is known for its established marketplace and solid fraud prevention. The payment process and customer support for over 50,000 digital products and over 100,000 active affiliate marketers makes ClickBank a highly reputable resource in this industry. To celebrate the success, ClickBank has announced a contest where anyone can win cash prizes and Guru coaching sessions. All you have to do is make and submit a video explaining how ClickBank has helped you to make money online.

Most of us are facing problems with the uncertain economies nowadays and this news shows that affiliate marketing is indeed a nice way to make some serious cash online. There are many people who believe that making money online is for teenager or kids and never can be a full-time profession. I am not a teenager and making money online is my full-time profession since 2 years now. Anyone and everyone can make money in this field and its time for you to start today.

If you are not sure on where to start, I have a free guide on how to start your online business. You can download it from the top right section of this blog.

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  1. Hi Harshad. A few years ago, i asked you what is stopping you from going full time. And here you are having made that happen and thriving.

    On the other hand, i wish you talked more about your current ventures, revenue range and more specifics. That could be a lot of inspiration. Even if you do not share figures, anything about your ventures can instill some ideas and inspiration into a lot of minds. Think about it?

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