Don’t Like Blogging? Here are Some Alternatives To Make Money & Gain Popularity

Everyday, I come across so many blogs which are dead. When I say a blog is dead, it means that the blog has not been updated since months or years. Keeping a blog alive is not easy and it can be difficult for some people to write at least 3 posts a week. The reason why most of the bloggers quit is because they don’t see the money come in. Lot of these bloggers have good talent but it’s just that they cannot write everyday or few days a week to keep their blog alive. If you are one of such bloggers, here are some alternatives for you that can help you make money.


Start an Online Forum: Forums may not generate lot of revenue but it is a nice way to contribute and keep in touch of what’s happening in the industry. Forums do require some attention like moderation, posting etc. but some of it can be outsourced for cheap. Also, 99% of the times, the regulars in the forum will do the moderation job for free.

Start a Membership Site: If you think you have knowledge in a specific niche and want to make money out of it, you can start a membership site and share knowledge. Your membership site can have information released once a week in form of emails, videos, pdfs etc. You can even start paid forums and charge people for memberships. All you need to make sure of is that you are sharing some good knowledge which is not easily available outside.

Consulting: Lot of people need guidance on topics in which you are an expert. I’ve seen lot of bloggers charge per minute for providing consultation. You need not be a blogger for this but you can check out how other bloggers are doing it. With faster Internet access everywhere, video calling is the best way to get in touch with people and provide consulting.

Free Lancing: Article writers, coders, designers and SEOs can get tons of work online. Sites like Vworker can help you get some online work where you can use your talent to make some good money.

Write an eBook: This is for people who like writing but don’t want to have a blog. There are bloggers who had no or very little success with blogging. These bloggers went ahead and wrote their own ebooks. These guys have gained lot of popularity and income by selling these ebooks. Nowadays, there are a lot of opportunities on releasing an e-book at various places. Good writers should write a small e-book and sell it for $1 to start with. Who knows? You might become a big author next year?

Blogging For Corporates: This goes for people who like writing but don’t have a blog or are not too happy with it. Lot of corporates nowadays have a blog and are always looking for people who can write articles for them. ‘Blogging’ has become a skill set on job sites and you can find organizations looking to hire bloggers on a full or part-time basis.

Speaking: Although I haven’t done this till date, I would love to do it and will do it pretty soon. Speaking does not only mean speaking in front of hundreds of people. If you are not comfortable talking in front of a big crowd, you can always make videos and upload them to YouTube. Everyday, we see people becoming famous through YouTube and you can be one of them. All you have to do is make videos of yourself talking about the topic of your choice and sharing the knowledge.

Podcasts: If you are a camera-shy person, you can release podcasts. Podcasts is a good way to gain popularity and a path to become a speaker or author. All you have to do is get a mic, record whatever you want and share it on various podcasting sites. Not many people are yet in to podcasting and this is a brilliant opportunity for people who would like to make a career in this field.

Are you an ex-blogger or someone who is not happy with your blog? Do you hate typing for hours? Or maybe lot of you have a nice blog and love writing but there’s no one to read it? If you are one of these people, go through the methods that I have posted above and see what will you be comfortable doing. Do let me know if you need any help. Good Luck!

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