Experiencing The New Twitter

I got the New Twitter a couple of days back and I thought I would share my experience with it on this blog. Like I said in my earlier post, there were lot of questions on how to get the new twitter and in fact there were no tricks to do it. I am not sure how I got it but I just got the new twitter along with lot many other twitter users. The new twitter is not something that will allow you to do what Facebook does but it has some really cool features:

Ajax Tabs – With the new twitter, you will get five tabs on your screen which are made using Ajax. This means clicking on each tab brings you new information or data without the screen getting refreshed. The five tabs are:

  • Timeline
  • Favorites
  • Following
  • Followers
  • Lists

Sidebar, Drawer or Side Panel – I am not sure if there is an official word for this but this is a side panel kind of thing which opens up loading information. This means that you can watch videos, pictures, user profiles etc. just by clicking the small arrow on your main screen. Clicking on the arrow opens a drawer like side bar where the information is displayed. Again, using the Ajax technology.

No More Clicking For Old Tweets – On the old twitter, one had to click a link at the bottom to see older tweets which was pretty annoying. With the new twitter, you can just keep scrolling and the new tweets will load automatically which is quiet cool.

Everything apart from this looks pretty similar on the new twitter. Does this replace my favorite twitter desktop application? As of now I would say No because Tweetdeck has lot many cool features as compared to the new twitter. Just waiting for Tweetdeck to implement the goo.gl short URL feature.

The picture below shows how a picture from one of my older tweets is shown on the sidebar:

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  1. The new twitter is alright. I am so used to the old version that sometimes I miss some of the features / layout.

    Something I cannot figure out though, when someone is logged in, do they see your twitter all wide and stuff. Or do they see yours like normal and it is just their dashboard area that is wide.

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