Facebook Advertising From Soup To Nuts

At Affiliate Summit East this year, Shoemoney had a session called Facebook Advertising – From Soup To Nuts. The session was for Diamond & Platinum pass holders only and hence I was not able to attend it (I had a Gold pass). I saw few pictures of the session and I think it was the most attended session in the entire Affiliate Summit East 2010. I wanted to upgrade my pass just for this session but wasn’t able to do so at the last moment. Lot of Diamond and Platinum pass holders paid that extra cash just to attend Shoemoney’s session.

Shoemoney now has Facebook Advertising – From Soup To Nuts on his blog which is pretty awesome. He explains all the aspects of Facebook advertising and gives out some of his personal tips on how to gain most from Facebook advertising. I personally learned a lot from this presentation and the options for me making more money from Facebook ads has increased a lot. I quickly edited almost all my campaigns immediately after watching Shoemoney’s presentation. Here are some of the tips from the presentation:

  • Facebook hates Affiliates.
  • Think out of the box. Don’t copy Ads.
  • Concentrate on the image then the title and then the Ad text.
  • Always start with CPC Ads.
  • Facebook users, including females click on Ads having pictures of females with big boobs.
  • Check reports to see who is interested in your Ads. Don’t show your Ads to people who are not interested.
  • Have patience.

If you are a Facebook advertiser, just follow these tips and see some changes immediately in your campaigns. All we need is lower CPC rates and higher conversions. The ROI will definitely increase once your cost per click goes low and the above mentioned points will help you achieve that.

Jeremy Schoemaker has lots of experience in Internet Marketing and he has had tremendous success till date. Shoemoney has a system where he teaches people on how to make money online. He shares lot of his personal tips and tricks which help people in making money online through a system known as The Shoemoney System.  As of now, the seats are full and the gates will be opened pretty soon so book your seat now if you want to make money online with Shoemoney. Once you are in, you will find tons of information just like this presentation which you will not find anywhere else and hence the Shoemoney System is highly recommended.

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  1. Attractive images.. females with big boobs may not necessarily translate into conversions! Any other tips for facebook advertising from your experience?

    • Your first target in any PPC campaign should be to get more clicks and reduce the CPC. The overall ROI will be always higher with more clicks and lesser CPC… But again, everything needs to be tested first.

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