Facebook Encouraging And Helping People To Vote

Today is the Election day in US. I like the way these guys always keep elections on week days. This post is about the elections in USA and how Facebook is encouraging people to go out and vote.

Facebook is alerting people on the election day by displaying a message right after you login to Facebook. Here is how it looks:


This is not it. Facebook is also helping people to find a location where they can vote. There is a Facebook fan page located at http://www.facebook.com/uspolitics which has a poll locator. They have embedded the Google Maps Election Center App which provides you with your location to vote. Isn’t this cool?

Google-Maps-Voting-Location Locator

So if you are in the US and are wondering on where you can go to cast your vote, just go to the Google Maps Election Center App and enter your registered Home address. Google will show you the place where you can go and vote.

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  1. I noticed this too. But only after I had voted. I’m lucky as my polling place was just across the street. Looks like the Democrats took some serious blows to their ranks. Obama will be depressed I think. He needs a good trip to India to cheer him up. 🙂

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