Facebook is More Than Just Entertainment

I was talking to a work colleague after long time last week. While talking to him, I asked whether he has a profile on Facebook so that I can add him as a friend. His response to my question was pretty interesting. He was like.. FACEBOOK? Do you use that? I said yes I do and everyone else does. His response was ‘Facebook is for kids’ and I don’t have time for all that. This guy works at a very senior level in an IT company and I really do not blame him for having such an attitude towards Facebook. I am sure lot of people still think Facebook and other social networking websites are meant for kids and teenagers. The problem is that we are not looking at these social giants from a business or networking prospective. I remember my mom always used to say that I am ‘playing on the computer’ when I was making money building websites few years back. She always thought that all you can do on a computer is play games. Now she knows what I do in front of a computer all day. This only happened after I explained her as to what I really do. Same is the case with people who look at Social Networking websites as things created just to waste time and we need to explain them the real value.

I am sure that most of the people reading this blog post would say that I am another Facebook addict who ‘wastes’ his time on such websites. I get such a response most of the times when I tell people that I am on Facebook and Twitter most of the time. The answer to all such people is that Facebook is not just about Farmville or Mafia Wars. Facebook, now is the best platform to network, advertise and spread the word to the right audience. I have explained on my blog on how people can get a job using Facebook. Also, Facebook can be a huge source of getting proper feedback from customers. In one of my posts on how and why to create Facebok fan pages, I have explained how vital a Facebook fan page can be and how some people are using it the right way. Oh Yes! and all this for FREE!. Isn’t that amazing? I don’t think there is any other platform which will allow you to connect to your customers for free in such a manner.

In my future posts, I will be covering some nice ways on using Facebook to increase your knowledge, business and also make some money online. Start looking at Facebook from a business and networking prospective and you will see huge benefits coming your way.

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  1. Facebook is taking over. They are the most engaged website on the Internet. You could say that it has become the new Internet, with so many people restricting their web use just to that site. And as Facebook continues to grow their business they will take more and more web share. Imaging if Facebook developed a great search function? Scary for Google.

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