Facebook Removes Photos From Applications

Lot of people are still facing problems with the Facebook photos tab. Some people want it to to be seen while the others don’t want it to be displayed. People are really getting frustrated and it seems that Facebook is already trying to resolve this issue. I posted about the Facebook photos tab few days back and how you can add it or remove it using Facebook Applications Settings. It seems that Facebook has changed things and the Photos application has been removed from the Facebook Applications Settings page. The only option now is to wait till Facebook fixes this problem. People who are really concerned about their privacy should either remove their pictures or change their privacy settings.

I spoke to someone who works at Facebook and it seems that Facebook had issues where hackers used scripts to see hidden pictures. This means that people who are not friends or friends of friends were able to view pictures by entering a JavaScript code in the URL. It seems that Facebook cares a lot about it’s users and the photos application will be a problem until Facebook fixes this.

There are lot of groups and Facebook pages which will ask you to ‘Like’, vote or join so that Facebook does something about this issue. This is pretty useless because Facebook has this issue in their ‘known issues’ list so all we can do is wait for them to fix it. Yelling and getting frustrated over this in groups, forums etc. will be of no use.

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  1. Agreed. Makes no sense to harp on the issue now. However, I do hope they make it easier to navigate to photo permission settings. It’s like finding buried treasure getting to those settings. I’d also like them to allow permissions based on the new groups feature.

  2. Have they said by when they will have this situation fixed? It’s been weeks now, I was affected by this and I really don’t feel like deleting my page and making another one just because they screwed up.

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