Facebook Shortcut Keys

Facebook offers set of shortcut keys to navigate the social network site. Before using the keyboard shortcut keys, you have to know the modifier keys which are used in combination with another key. If you are a Mac user, then Ctrl and Option are the modifier keys. For PC users modifier keys are Shift, Alt and Ctrl. You can use the above modifier keys depending upon the browser you are using and operating system.

  • Chrome & IE on Windows: Alt + <shortcut Key>
  • Firefox on Windows: Alt + Shift + <shortcut key>
  • Firefox on Mac: Ctrl + <shortcut key>
  • Chrome & Safari on  Mac: Option + Ctrl + <shortcut key>

Use any of the above modifier keys in conjunction with below keys of your choice for the shortcut to work.

0 -> Help

1 -> Home Page

2 ->Timeline Page

3 -> Friend request

4 -> Inbox

5 -> Notifications

6 -> Your Account Settings

7 -> Your Privacy Page

8 -> About

9 -> Terms

Please make a note that all the above shortcut keys work with the numbers from the number row, and not from the number pad.

We think that if the users are using the shortcut keys to browse the Facebook, then it might take away the thrill in accessing the application.

Do share your experience after using the shortcut keys offered by Facebook.

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