Facebook Unveils Nearby Friends Feature For iOS And Android

Facebook has announced a new feature called Nearby Friends on Thursday, for both Android and iOS users. The feature lets you to see which friends are close to you, assuming that both you and the other party have enabled the functionality first.

To enable the new feature, you’ll have to tap the “More” icon in the bottom-right corner and hit “Nearby Friends” placed just above “Nearby Places.” If you have previously turned the feature on, you can access it by opening the friends menu by swiping from the right or you may also see News Feed story displaying a list of nearby friends.

According to Facebook product manager Andrea Vaccari, the Nearby Friends feature was completely optional. It is off by default, but if you turn it on, you have to still select what group of friends to share your location such as Friends. On the other hand, you and your friend both have to have to turn-on the feature.

Notifications And Sharing Of Location:

The new feature has two additional layers: notifications and sharing precise location. Nearby Friends can send a notification when friends are at nearby location. You won’t get a notification for friends who are always near you. You shouldn’t get more than one notification per week.

For Example: Two Facebook employees landed at the same airport on separate flights were told they were nearby, met up and decided to catch a taxi together to save money for the journey.

You have to manually share the precise location with each individual; you can do this by quickly tapping the arrow icon, select how to long to share for and hit OK.  Facebook wanted to ensure that action is a calculated one.

Once you share your precise location, the friend you select will see exactly where you are on a map and can also chose to share his precise location with you. However, this map won’t provide you with directions to your friend.


You can turn off Nearby Friends at any time. If you change the spectators with whom you are sharing your location, you will immediately vanish from the Nearby Friends section in the other people’s Facebook app, unless they remember where you were last before you flipped the switch. They will not know your current location or your prior locations.

It’s also worth noting that the above mentioned notification feature keeps track of where you go in order to alert you cleverly. You can thus select to separately turn off “location saving” and “location sharing” as well as select to delete this data.

People have been waiting for this feature ever since Facebook released a mobile app. Now Facebook will smartly allow you to connect with users. The social networking giant has reportedly been testing the feature with the majority of the companies which overall includes 6,500-plus staff. The company said that the feature will be available for all users very soon.

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