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worldproxy 202Many of us would like to use proxies for various reasons. The main reason I have been using proxies was to check if my website’s DNS has been resolved. If you do not know then you should know that you can check whether your site DNS has been resolved using a proxy. It happens that many times your local ISP might take time to resolve your website’s DNS but other IP addresses might do it quickly.


Lately, the other reason I have been using proxies is to check my CPA landing pages. Most of the times you want to promote a campaign but you end up seeing a page that says "Sorry this offer is not available in your area". Yes I know the offer is not available for me but I need to check what the page is going to be like as I am promoting it and I need to see what my visitors will see. This really gets annoying and I got a very good solution for it. One option is to look for a working proxy, change your browser settings and connect using that a particular proxy. This is really time consuming because you do not hit a working proxy at the first go.


Now this problem has been resolved by downloading and installing a toolbar for firefox. Once installed, this toolbar will open an address bar on your firefox with a dropdown to select the country you want to use. It supports US, UK, Canada and Australian proxies. So all you have to do is selct your country and type the URL in the address bar. This way you end up surfing a particular page using proxy for that particular country. So no more searching and changing proxies. Just load this toolbar and you are set. Its called the world proxy toolbar and can be downloaded here.

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