Gmail Is Testing Out New Features For Its Web Version

Google seems to be ceaselessly tweaking its Gmail design, but the latest images reveal a much larger refurbish that is heading our inbox’s and the firm invited a select group of users to test its new layout. According to, the whole site has been made to look more like its Android app equivalent. The sidebar has been replaced with a simplified panel, the ‘Compose’ button has been moved to the bottom right-hand corner and users can ‘snooze’ emails so they appear at the top of the inbox at a later date.

It’s an important step away from the current inbox, which many users have dubbed puzzling and cluttered. Another feature that aligns it with the Android app is the new Reminders tool that alerts users about dates in the future, or to respond to specific emails. As the layout resembles the Android app, it’s unclear whether the new design will be used for mobile or desktop versions.

It is also unknown when the changes will be rolled out for other users across the globe. Stars, which are at the moment used to keep emails at the top of the inbox, have been replaced with Pins. During a latest update to the service, Google added tabs along the top of the inbox to make it easier for users to manage their messages.

The current tabs include Social, Promotions and Updates, along with Primary inbox. The images of the new design show these tabs have been moved to the left of the inbox, and this panel now include tabs for activities like Travel, Purchases and Finance.

Like Twitter and Facebook, Google frequently experiments with new designs but not all are rolled out to users. However, given the significant changes it’s possible that a few of the new features will sooner or later make their way to Gmail users as a whole. The redesign is alike to a mobile test layout that leaked earlier this year on the web, which adds weight to claims of a wider roll-out. As of now, these features are in testing phase and it is tricky to say when these will be implemented.

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