URL Shortener Now Open For Public

Google has just made it’s URL shortener open to public. The Google URL shortener is available at and has all the basic features that other shortening services provide.

Now the main question is, why should people use the new Google URL shortener when there are so many already available. Here are the reasons I have to:

  • It’s a service by Google.
  • Since it’s a Google service the chances of it being down are pretty less.
  • Google claims that the security is pretty high.
  • The data provided is pretty solid.
  • Again, its by Google.

I have been using as my URL shortening tool and I find a bit user friendly and faster. The data provided is pretty neat which contains the following:

  • Real time analytics data where we can see visitors by date and time.
  • Visitor Profiles like Country, Browsers and Operating System.
  • Top Referrer URLs.

Google URL Shortener

Isn’t that sweet? You have all your data inside your Google account which means everything is again under the same roof. Pretty cool I should say. Try today!

5 Responses to URL Shortener Now Open For Public

  1. Google is becoming Skynet(from the Terminator movies). They have SO much data to draw from and everyone of these new services just gives them even more info to pull from. I’m not saying I won’t use it, I’m just weary.

  2. I agree with with Rich, the Googly wants to have everything else that it’s neighbors have. =) I believe they have their own social network coming soon.

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