Click To Call For Better Conversions

How many times would we love to talk to a  person rather than just clicking a few buttons before buying a product? I personally would love to speak to someone about the product rather than just buying it over the Internet. I guess, any person who has both the options would prefer calling the store/company before buying the product online.

Google AdWords has launched the Click To Call service where you can have a number along with your AdWords Ad and someone looking at your ad using is iPhone or any other phone that supports full browsers can simply click on the Ad and make a call to your store or company. For e.g. You have a store in a certain location and you already have ads running on Google using AdWords. You obviously have this ad so that the person who is interested in buying your product clicks it and makes an online purchase. Many times the person might have a look at the price and would check the product and price somewhere else before actually buying the product online. He cannot bargain or get answers to his questions about the product because there is no one to talk to.

On the other hand, the person is interested in buying your product and he clicks your number on the ad and straight away talks to a person with whom He/She can talk about more features, get answers to questions and also get a good deal if possible. This is an excellent opportunity for marketers who have physical stores or can deliver products at Home.

Not many have got a chance to use the Google Click To Call service but it seems that using Click To Call Ads increases the conversions rates by a good margin. The amount spent on such ads might a bit high but its always a good deal when you also have such high conversion rates. It’s good to see the Internet Marketing Industry moving in such directions.

If you have have a store and sell products then I would definitely recommend the Google AdWords Click to Call Ads for you. Once you get the call, a good customer care rep with proper follow up can get you that sale for sure.

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