Google Now Adds Occasional Reminder Option For Remembering Tasks

Google Now has recently introduced a new reminder option, which will keep informing you about tasks at frequent intervals. The ‘occasionally’ reminder option may not seem noteworthy at first, but it comes up with a couple of appealing usage options.

Google Now Occasional Reminder

Instead of purposely setting up a task for a particular day, date or time which is then dismissed and departs from view forever, the new option brings an ongoing reminder. As of now, it isn’t clear how regularly those ‘occasional’ reminders will be shown to users. However, it seems somewhere in the range of two or three days.

Effectiveness for this feature seems a little limited. If you need to remember something only if required, you can put it in Google Keep. It can also be a one-time reminder depending upon your time or location. For example: it will remind you to buy chocolates if you are inside a store.

We’re not sure how often the alarm will sound off, but if you actually need that extra drive; this might be a good utility for you.

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