Google Rolls Out The latest Version Of Its Play Services

Google has launched its latest version of its Play Services framework called Google Play Services 5.0 for Android gadget, which comes with several new features. The search engine giant has unveiled its updated Play Services last month at Google I/O and now it is being rolled out to devices globally.

Google Play Services 5.0

The upgraded service includes APIs for all core and various third party apps. It is loaded with numerous new functionalities and support for the forthcoming Android L mobile operating system and Android Wear for the wearables.

Google has updated the dynamic security module to deal with Heartbleed bug. The company had announced its own fork of OpenSSL to be known as BoringSSL currently. This service is expected to be a new feature very soon.

The two new features can be used by game developers to improve their apps. These features will let the game data to be saved to the cloud, as it will permit end users to choose from where they left off on multiple devices.

Quests are time-based goal that uses triggers to update the game online, after reaching the goals like level completions and object collections offline. This can be used in a large scale role playing games as it will permit the users to diminish data usage. The App Indexing API will permit the developers to integrate the contents of their apps into Google’s search. Previously, this service was available for selected partners.

Google Cast will now have closed captioning for Chromecast, in order to save loyalty and promo cards in your Google Wallet. Google Drive API now has the ability to sort query results, create folders offline and choose any mime type in the file picker by default. Google Play Services 5.0 has been rolled out to certified Android devices. The API’s will be automatically downloaded for all the services from Google Play. The access details for developers can be found in the Android SDK Manager.


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