Google To Shut Down Its Orkut Social Network In September

Launched in 2004, Google’s first social networking site Orkut will be closed formally on September 30. It means, users won’t be able to access Orkut anymore. Photo export feature to Google+ will be unavailable and all the APIs and other tools will go down as well. However, until September 2016, Orkut users will still be able to export all of their data using Google Takeout. If you still want to know what Orkut was all about but you don’t have an account yet, then it’s too late to do that now. The sign-ups for new accounts are no longer available.

Orkut To Shutdown In September

Orkut was never that popular in the US, but it did find its place in countries such as Brazil, where for a while it was the trendiest social network. However, Facebook finally overtook it there in 2012. In India, Orkut wasn’t able to hold its popularity and hence people fell to Facebook in 2010. As of now, 50 percent of Orkut users are still in Brazil, 20 percent in India and just fewer than 18 percent are from the U.S.

Currently, Orkut features Google’s old menu bar and looks like Google Talk. It never got any upgrade there either. After all this overlook, the site certainly looks a bit obsolete by now, so it’s no wonder that Google now wants users to switch to Google+ instead.

Orkut was the outcome of a 20 percent project in which Google workers got to spend a fifth of their time on ideas not essentially related to their job responsibilities. Since YouTube, Google+ and Blogger have taken off; the growth of these communities has outpaced Orkut’s growth. According to Google, they want to focus its resources and energy on developing these other social networking platforms.

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