Google Voice To Integrate With Hangouts App

Google has recently added a new feature to its Hangouts app, asking users to “migrate Google Voice to Hangouts.” In other words, you can get your voicemail and SMS via Hangouts rather than Google Voice app. However, it doesn’t indicate how the feature works with dedicated Google Voice numbers.

Google Voice To Integrate With Hangouts App

Google Voice has become almost ineffective in this new age of messaging, social media and Hangouts, so it makes sense the company would make the changeover. Google has integrated SMS into Hangouts in October 2013 and launched an SMS for Hangouts feature for Smartphones that would send Hangouts messages as SMS.

According to Google, Hangouts app is intended to be the future of Google Voice and making and receiving phone calls is just the beginning. The future versions of Hangouts will add Google Voice more seamlessly.

While Hangouts now seems capable of managing voicemails and text messages, Google Voice’s VoIP calls won’t be seen anymore. The new feature for Hangouts app is in still in the development stage and might be available to selected users for testing very soon.

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