Google Web Designer Tool For Creating HTML5 Sites

Google has unveiled a web designing tool called Google Web Designer for developing HTML5 websites and ads. The components available in Google Web Designer allows you to add image galleries, ad network tool, and videos. With the help of Google Web Designer you can also create JavaScript, CSS, and XML files supported by auto close tags as well as syntax highlighting to build your code easily.

The Web Designer Interface:

Google Web Designer has a large code and design interface for building your projects. In Design mode, the workspace displays your images, text, and other elements visually. In Code view, the workspace shows your code with suitable color coding and formatting. Let us see the components of Google Web Designer interface.

The tool bar consist of tools to create text, simple page elements, 3D tools, and color selection tools.

The view bar allows you to select between Code and Design mode. These modes help you to give a quick look at your HTML and publish your ad.

Tool Options:
The tool options bar shows font and text layout options.

The timeline section of the interface view helps you to make animations using keyframes. In Quick mode, the animation is produced scene by scene. In Advanced mode, you can animate each component individually.

The panels section includes the Color, Properties, Events and CSS panels. Panels can be dragged or minimized to a different position. You can see a demo of Google Web Designer here:

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows® 7/ Windows 8/ Mac® OS X 10.7.x or later.

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 processor or Intel Pentium® 4.

Memory:  2GB RAM(Minimum)  4GB(Recommended).

The beta version of Google Web Designer tool is now available for download for Windows and Mac. This is really an amazing tool from a developer’s point of view for adding effects, creating layouts, and CSS stuff. It will make HTML5 animations very simple. One drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t allow you to open HTML files which are created from other web designing tool, and it does not support server side scripting language such as PHP. We recommend Dreamweaver if you want to use server side scripting along with HTML, JS and CSS.

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  1. Thanks for explaining via article. Google is Great.It always comes with satisfying its audiences. This tool will be really helpful to all the web developers and designers.

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