Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards With Google Screenwise

In their effort to continue gathering user data, Google will now give away $5 gift cards. To get these gift cards, all you have to do is sign up and Google Screenwise browser extension. Once you have this extension, you will be sending all your data to Google.

Google Screenwise Panel

Why Does Google Need All This Data?

User data is of immense value for companies to know what a particular user is interested in. User data as small as an IP addresses of customers can be sold to companies who are interested in gathering such data. I don’t know if Google sells this data but it helps their advertisers and investors to know what people are doing online. Also, as per Google’s latest policy all your data will be stored and given out if you have no problem with it.

How & What Data is Google Screenwise Collecting?

Google Screenwise will start collecting the data of web sites you visit and how you use them. This data will only be collected if you have the Google Chrome browser installed along with the Google Screenwise browser extension. You may still continue to use Google Chrome without sharing your web sites data. Just don’t install the extension.

How Much is Google Paying?

Google will give you a Amazon.com $5 gift voucher for installing the Screenwise extension. Later, you will get $5 vouchers for every three months you use the extension on your chrome browser. This means you can earn gift vouchers of $25 in a year with Google Screenwise. There is no cash reward involved in this and there is no official involvement of Amazon.com.

Will it Be Safe To Send Data To Google?

I don’t see any problem in this unless you are working for some intelligence department. In fact, Google might recommend you stuff depending on your interests and browsing behaviour.

How Do I Start?

Just go to the Google Screenwise and enter your email address. Google will send you an email once the registration opens.

Right now there is no information on whether this is open to everyone. I personally think that Google will start this with US residents and then spread it to other countries. Who knows? They might just roll it out for everyone. No one can predict what Google does.

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