Google Now For iOS

The search giant Google who introduced Google Now app for Android devices last year, unveiled on Monday that its intelligent assistant app Google Now is available for iOS platform. According to Google, the features are exactly the same as Google Now on Android, except the upward swiping to launch the application which cannot be integrated to iOS running devices. The iPhone device users from Google Now can retrieve all the data from all the Google’s services like the Gmail account, Google calendar account, Google Maps, and everything which is connected to the Google account.

When Google Now was released for the first time for Android devices, it revealed a set of virtual cards based on your search results and your interest right from the weather report  to your favorite movie. Cards also responds to voice commands.

Google Now uses location when you are signed in to Google account which gives you relevant real-time information, even when you don’t ask for it. As per Google, when you search for one city often, it uses statistical data which shows that you like the city and displays you the score on a card within the app. Google Now can be used for flights alerts by notifying users as soon as flights are delayed, without having to sign up for any account. You can also find coffee shops and restaurants near your current location.

Google Now resembles with Apple’s Siri in some features like meeting reminders, showing nearby restaurants, traffic forecast and weather updates. The announcement of Google Now to iOS indicates that it is an answer to Siri and Google is trying to spread its services across other platform rather than restricting to Android devices .

With so many handful of features integrated with Google’s digital assistant app, Google Now which is also available for iOS users, we believe that it will be a first choice for all the Smartphone users in the future to give the information as quickly as possible . You can download Google Now for iOS from the App Store which is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

Do you think this is a smart move by Google by releasing Google Now for iOS?

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