Spellings and Grammar Can Affect Your Google Page Rank

Recently, lot of bloggers are taking their grammar and spellings seriously. I met  a couple of bloggers who are even using tools which ensures that the grammar in their articles is correct. I know a few reputed bloggers who don’t give a damn about grammar and spellings but yes they are already famous and do not care about Google traffic or page rank. But, for upcoming or new blogs it’s now time to work on those spellings and grammatically correct sentences.

I found a video in which Matt Cutts speaks about grammar and the Google page rank. Matt makes it clear that poor spellings and incorrect grammar might affect the page rank of your website or blog. He says websites with high page rank will usually have correct grammar and spellings while websites with spelling and grammar errors might end up having a low page rank.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think a lot about grammar while writing a blog post but I do use spell check before I hit that publish button. Are you as a blogger using any tools to check your grammar?

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