Top 4 Reasons Why I Prefer This All in One Messenger

A few days ago I posted about this All in One Messenger I got hold of. Its quiet surprising that many people are still not aware of this messenger. Digsby – The All in One Messenger is not so popular as it should be. In today’s world it has become important everyone of us and most importantly for webmasters and Internet marketers to reach out to people. Reaching out to people helps you to become famous and advertise your product or service. People do look for you on the Internet and Social Networking sites. A person can find a couple of positive points in you which you really did not discuss with him in your last interview. Who knows, maybe those couple of skills listed on your Facebook profile can get you the job. This post is not about how important is to keep your profile on every social networking site and how to reach out to people. This post talks about my Tool Of The Month which makes it very easy for me to reach out to people. I personally use the Digsby All in One Messenger and I do not see a reason why every person like me should not use it. This is why I personally use the Digsby All in One Messenger and recommend it:

  1. Digsby allows me to be online on various mesenger with one tool. I can be online on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber & Facebook chat using a single tool. This not only saves my computer resources but also ensures that I am online and reaching out to all my friends. There have been times where someone has been waiting for me on GTalk while I was on Yahoo assuming he knows my Yahoo id as well. With Digsby, I do not face such problems.
  2. Being a blogger, I need to find topics on the Internet so that I can blog about them. This makes it important for me to constantly keep looking at something like Twitter. Twitter gives me lot of information and ideas for blogging. Digsby allows me to see what people are tweeting about. Digsby just opens a small window and shows me all my tweets. I can just glance at them while I am working on them. This saves my time of always keeping a Twitter window open and keeping a track of all the tweets by being on that window all the time.
  3. I use a BlackBerry phone and have only 3 of my important emails configured on it, which also includes my work email. The All in One Messenger allows me to add Pop3 & IMAP emails with the other generic emails like Yahoo, Hotmail etc. This way I am always able to keep track of all my emails coming to me. I had problems of losing track of some important emails as I am lazy to check each and every account and that too on a regular basis. Signing in to the Digsby All in One Messenger helps me to be online on such accounts and track my emails with ease.
  4. With all the above features, The Digsby All in One Messenger uses very few resources of my computer which makes it easy for me top open various applications and also be in touch will all my Social Networking Friends, Chat Online and receive all my emails with just one tool. I think there should be more such tools available to simplify things for you.

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