Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance

Its Official! Or was it long back? I just got an email saying that the Yahoo and Microsoft Search alliance will be implemented soon. I really don’t care about Yahoo Search apart from one of my sites ranking no.1 for a very competitive keyword there, guess that will be gone soon.

So what is the change and how will it affect us Internet Marketers?

  1. There will be only one search engine Bing. This is not clear to me yet but it seems all results will be as per Microsoft or Bing’s algorithm.
  2. The advertising platform will be AdCenter. This means no more Yahoo Search Marketing (It sucked anyway!). So if you are advertising on AdCenter, your ads will also be displayed on websites that display Yahoo Ads.

This alliance might work in a positive direction for me. I hated the Yahoo Search Marketing platform and the rate of success I had on YSM was pretty low compared to AdWords and AdCenter. In fact, I had given up on YSM a few months ago. I personally think the alliance should also start something like the Google Quality Score for keywords which helps better pages to bid low. I know many Internet Marketers won’t like this but yes, the better deserves the best. I am good at kicking some ass when it comes to Google Quality Score and would love to see the same getting implemented in the Yahoo and Microsoft Alliance advertising network, AdCenter.

On Search perspective, I really don’t care because I never bother to search using either Bing or Yahoo. Google still remains the King and will remain there for a long time.

I have a few questions and assumptions in mind. This alliance will highly affect Internet Marketing. As per my research, most of the people who search using Yahoo are doing it because they “accidentally” installed the Yahoo toolbar and made Yahoo as their default search engine while installing the Yahoo Messenger. The alliance here means all those users will now search using Bing. Secondly, we already know why people use Bing. The only reason I see people using Bing search is because they don’t know how to change the default search in their Internet Explorers.

All in all, I see this as a minor threat to AdWords and not Google Search. Lot of banned AdWords users are already spending huge money with AdCenter and the alliance will attract more advertisers as the reach would be pretty high from a single platform.

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