Got A Website or Blog Up? What Next?

I feel very happy when I see people have taken action on what I write. Lot of people have started their own blogs after I wrote this post on starting a blog. I’ve been guiding people on how to make money with a the blog once it’s up and running but there are people who have no clue on what’s happening and what should be the next step.

Lost and Confused Signpost

I am trying to keep this blog post very simple for you. I am keeping this simple because I have seen people completely forget the basics.  So let’s do this in a simple example.

Let’s consider your blog as a store which is not located in a nice place. This means your store is located inside a small street or a place where it cannot be easily spotted.  So what do you do? You make arrangements so that people can spot your store and buy things from you. It’s YOU who will be making these arrangements so that people visit your store. Correct? Similarly, you need to make arrangements so that people visit your blog. Google or any other search engine is not going to send tons of traffic just because you have a blog up and running. So what are your next steps? Try these basic steps and I am sure you will find people visiting your blog pretty soon:

1. Try and provide information to people everyday in form of blog posts and videos.

2. Whenever you post something, share it on twitter, facebook and other social networking sites.

3. Share your posts on social bookmarking websites.

4. Post comments on other blogs and let everyone know that your blog exists.

5. Respond to people when they ask you about your blog or blog post.

Bookmarking your blog post and posting comments on other blogs will help you get traffic initially. These can be compared to arrow signs that we usually see on streets. These signs should point to your blog so that people can take directions and reach the destination. Once a person visits your blog, make sure that you try to gather his information using the AWeber optin form.

The most important success factor for any blog is whether the blog is helping people or solving their problems. If you have a blog which is not helping people then it would be really difficult for you to get traffic to your blog. Lots of ads and affiliate links will not help your cause either. Create content daily, share it and see the traffic come in along with some nice money.

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