Headway Theme Gets Better – Version 3.0.5 Released

The best theme for WordPress now gets more better. The guys at Headway have released an update to the Headway 3.0 theme. I personally did not find any issues with Headway 3.0 but there were people who had problems. Especially, with the new grid feature. It seems that the latest version of Headway has lot more changes, additions and bug fixes.

Here are few of the awesome additions to Headway 3.0.5:

  • Responsive Grid! — Automatic optimization for mobile devices! Can be enabled from the Grid mode under Setup » Responsive Grid.
  • Admin: Added an option to remove query variables from enqueued static assets such as CSS and JS files. This will help to leverage browser caching.
  • Content Block: Added next/previous post links below SIngle Posts in the Content Block. The visibility of these links can be toggled in the Display tab of the Content Block options.
  • Content Block: Added an option to hide all entries from the Content Block. This is useful if you want to use two Content Blocks where one shows the entry and the other shows the comments.
  • Search Engine Optimization: If the SEO template is ‘%tagline% | %sitename%’ and the tagline is empty, then it will act as though the template is ‘%sitename%’

You can go to the Headway Theme website to view the entire list of additions, changes and bug fixes.

Headway Theme

I personally like the Headway Theme and I use it on almost all my WordPress sites. Headway is easy to customize and with Headway 3.0.5 they have made it search engine friendly which helps in search engine rankings. You can read my Headway Theme Review to know more features of Headway – Undoubtedly the best theme for WordPress right now!

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