How To Hide Posts In Facebook From Certain People

Did you figure out that on Facebook, you can make a post completely invisible to a particular person or group of people? It’s a helpful privacy option for anyone planning for a surprise birthday party, shielding personal photos from curious acquaintances or even hiding immoral activity. Let’s see how to work on the privacy of Facebook’s post.

Hide Facebook Post

1. Hide Facebook Posts:

You can hide a common Facebook post from certain people by altering the privacy settings before you send it.

2. Change Privacy Settings:

In order to change the privacy settings for a post, click on the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the post box. This should indicate “Public” or “Friends,” depending on your default settings. Once you’ve clicked, choose the “Custom” option.

3. Custom Privacy:

This offers you to share to a limited group of certain people or hide the post from individuals or a group of people.

4. Hide Post From Individuals:

In case you want to hide the post from one or more individuals, type their name in the “Don’t share this with…” box and click on the person as soon as they are visible.

5. Send It Live:

After adding the names you want to hide the post from, click on “Save changes.” Your post will now be invisible to those people. Hit “Send” as you normally would do to make it live.

6. Make A List Option:

If you want to hide posts from a certain group of people, you can add a list so you don’t have to enter each name separately. To set up a list, visit first person’s profile page and click on the “Friends” menu on the bottom right of their cover photo. After that, click “Add to another list.”

7. Creating A New List:

Now, select “+New list.” Provide your new list a name in the box that appears and press enter.

8. Adding More People:

To add more people to the new list, simply undergo the process as mentioned above and click on the new list when you go to the “Add to another list” stage.

9. Choose The List:

When you change the “Custom” settings of your post to hide it, you can begin with typing the name of your list to hide the content from everyone you added.

That was all about hiding your post from certain Facebook friends. Next time you are about to post something wicked; just ensure you go through these simple steps first.

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