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When you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned a unique public IP address. As you visit websites or web servers, that public IP address gets captured in log files kept on thoseHide Your IP Address servers. Therefore your location & other personal information can easily be traced with the help of that IP address. With people and websites trying to grab your personal data every time, it has now become important to hide your real IP address. There are many ways you can browse the website & remain anonymous. The most common ways to hide the IP address are using proxy servers and VPN services.

Even though the proxy servers & VPNs hides your real IP address and allow you to browse the website with more anonymity,  there are a variety of proxy softwares available which are more reliable, faster & cheaper than the proxy servers & VPNs.  Among all the proxy softwares, Hide Your IP Address has been rated as one of the best proxy software by the users.

Hide Your IP Address Proxy Software Features:

The main purpose of Hide Your IP Address software is to change your internet IP address in order to protect your privacy.

Below are some important features of Hide Your IP Address:

  • It protects your identity from hackers by hiding your real IP address
  • It allows you to enter the pages which are not accessible to you
  • It changes your IP address & location
  • It deletes all your internet activity information
  • Award winning software
  • It allows you to browse the website, while keeping your real identity anonymous with the click of button
  • You can browse with the most secure proxies at a high speed
  • It provides lifetime support to all the customers
  • Guarantees 99.9% uptime & anonymous identity

How To Install Hide Your IP Address Software:

You can download the setup from the official website. The entire installation process will be completed in less than 5 minutes. You can install this software on up to 3 different system.

Hide your IP Address software is compatible with Firefox and Internet web browsers which are installed on Windows 7 / Vista /  XP /  2000 operating systems.

How To Use Hide Your IP Address Software:

On click of “Start” button,  Hide Your IP Address program will start running on the background & your IP address will keep on changing after every 10 minutes.

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The program will not only allow you to use thousands of proxies available in Hide Your IP Address system, but also allow you to add your own list of proxies.

Under “Proxy checker” menu  & you can click on “Add Proxy” to the add your favorite list of proxies in the format IP : Port.


System clean up option is available under “Hide Privacy” menu. The clean up process will start once you click on “Apply” button.

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You can set the proxy security and speed as per your convenient. Once the program starts & check box corresponding to  “Run PC Privacy clean up when program  starts” is checked,  then all your private data stored  in the system will be deleted automatically.

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Hide Your IP Address software is available on a free 3 days trial. If you are satisfied with the results, you can purchase the professional release of Hide Your IP Address software from the website, after the expiration of the trial period.

There is also a  30 day money back guarantee in case this product fails to meet up your expectations. Try this tool, you may like it.


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