Hiding affiliate links to make more money

There are tons of articles on the Internet which tell you about hiding affiliate links. John Chow has a nice couple of posts here and here. Of course, I am not going to repeat same things on my blog but I would like to explain why everyone is hiding their affiliate links and why is it important for all of us to do so. Lets take an example of a advertiser website www.widgets.com. This website will have an affiliate link as www.widgets.com/?p=harry. We all know that clicking on the link and signing up or buying a product on the advertisers page will earn Harry some money. The link is easily visible on the status bar of the browser below. Gone are the days when people used to sign up regardless of the link shown. Nowadays, people don’t want you to earn money. There are many who would want to make money themselves. These guys will edit the affiliate link by simply going to www.widgets.com or Frank would goto www.widgets.com/frank and make money himself. This way you lose money by showing your real affiliate links to visitors.


 Hiding affiliate links have definetely given a boost to many advertiser’s earnings. If you haven’t done it still, do it now to earn more money



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