How Can Content Be Ranked With Few Inbound Links

Google’s head of spam, Matt Cutts explains about the inbound links in his latest webmaster help video. He responds to a question that says how Google determines quality content if there aren’t a lot of links to a post? In other words, how to get ranked if you have started to build links?

Matt Cutts On Inbound Links

In a situation like this, Matt says that you would have to think the way search engines worked before they started using links as a ranking signal. The content would be judged depending upon on the text on a page. Matt provides an easy solution of how that would work:

  • Google would put more focus on the first word on the page as compare to any other words.
  • The second time Google comes across this word; it would count a bit more.
  • Additional instances of the keyword in the text would make Google believe that content is about this topic.

However, it doesn’t help to keep repeating the same keyword over and over. After a while that would be considered as keyword stuffing and this could negatively impact the ranking of that page. Another way Google would review the quality of a page without many inbound links is whether or not that page is residing on a reputable domain.

Matt further added that there is a good chance of that page being returned in the search results if it answers an obscure query. If Google has no other content to serve that is better than yours, it will serve yours. The search volume may be low for that query, but given that you keep creating great content around your area of skill focusing on long-tail keywords, you should see improved traffic and rankings.

To know Matt’s full reply in his own words, watch the video below:

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