How Does Google Evaluate Website Content Without Links

Matt Cutt, Google’s Head of Webspam released its latest webmaster video, where he discusses about how Google determine the quality of the page without any links on it.

Matt Cutts Webmaster Video

According to Matt, it is really tough for Google to determine the quality of the page without links. You have to revert back to the days to see how search engines worked before links and look at the words on the posts or page.

Matt further explained that you need to evaluate the content depending on the words on the page and more often the words are on the page; then more likely the page is about that word. Google also uses a feature to see if the domain itself has value, but that brings in links.

Without links, Google will look at the quality of the content on the page, which may or may not be enough based on the aggressive nature of the phrase such as keyword stuffing and density.

Based on this recent webmaster video from Matt Cutts, we believe that Google’s objective is to rank the best quality content, which it assesses mainly on link based metrics.

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