How The Did I Land in Australia?

Lot of friends have been asking me this question and it’s difficult to explain everyone the same story. Hence, I chose to write this on my blog so that I can give this link to anyone who wants to know about my whereabouts. The NEWS is that I have immigrated to Australia. I live in Melbourne now and continue the same business of Internet marketing.


Why and How Australia?

If you are a close friend of mine, you would know that I always wanted to settle abroad. Dubai and Singapore were the options I was looking at in 2014 but I ended up immigrating to Australia. How did it happen? Blame it on a friend of mine (or I should say thanks to him). Back in 2008, a friend of mine took me to an immigration consultant in Mumbai. He wanted to immigrate to Canada and I accompanied him. I had no plans of immigrating at that time. We spoke to the agent there and just as we were leaving, the agent introduced us to the owner of that franchisee. We spoke for some time and that guy asked me whether I was thinking of immigrating as well. I said I am not an engineer (I am a BCOM) so I don’t think I have a chance to immigrate to Canada. He asked me about my work experience and said he can get me a Australian PR. I did not take this guy seriously at that time but all that week this thought was always on my mind. So I called him again, asked about the process and it wasn’t easy. Everything was easy but collecting reference letters from my old employers was a bit tough. I eventually gathered all the documents, passed my IELTS and my file was submitted in June 2009.

What happened to my friend? He never applied. My immigration agent had told me that my case would take time due to my qualification and work experience. Time passed and I thought my PR for Australia would never come. Back in 2008-2009 there was not much information online about immigrating to countries like Australia. I had to fully depend on what my consultant told me. I had completely forgotten about this application and I had made up my mind of immigrating to Dubai in 2014.

In Feb 2014, I got an email from my consultant saying that my Australia permanent resident visa is almost done and few formalities like police verification medical checkups need to be done. I immediately canceled plans for Dubai and started the process for Australia. In July 2014 I came here, rented a house and got my family in August 2014.

How Can You Immigrate to Australia

Yes, you can and things are easier now. All the information is available online and you DO NOT need to go to an agent or consultant now. If your job is listed at SkillSelect, then things can be easier for you. Online help is available at and These websites & forums will help you in each and every way and you don’t need anything else. Any questions for me can be asked in the comments section below. I am not an immigration expert but I will definitely try and help you.

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