How To Add Products In Amazon Shopping Cart Using Twitter

The internet retail giant Amazon has recently introduced a new feature, where Twitter users can add items to their Amazon shopping cart. By simply tweeting with hashtag #AmazonCart to the Amazon product link, you can quickly add any item to your cart.

In order to work on this new feature, go to your Social Settings in to connect your Twitter account. Once connected and if someone tweets an Amazon product link, you can reply back with the #AmazonCart hashtag, it will automatically add that particular item to your cart. If you haven’t linked your Amazon and Twitter accounts and still send #AmazonCart tweet, then you’ll get a reply from Amazon to set up the service.

Once the item is added to your cart, @MyAmazon will send you a reply to confirm.  If you reside in the UK, you can use this feature by using hashtag #AmazonBasket. You can safely use the #AmazonCart hashtag without making any purchase, as it will only save an item to your cart. You will have visit the Amazon website to complete the purchase. If you decide to exclude an item, then you can always remove it from your cart.

The new feature not only expands the retail reach of Amazon beyond its own website, but allows Twitter users to purchase the products. They can now publish tweets indicating which items they are buying from Amazon.

For more information about this new feature, you can watch the below video:

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