How To Create Your Own Q&A Platform

Answerbase Q&ANowadays, Q&A (Question and Answers) websites are becoming immensely popular. People tend to get answers or solutions from real users rather than from the website owners or authors. Having a Q&A section on a website or having a website dedicated to Questions and Answers can get lot of visitors to get interactive discussions and solutions. This can drive lot of traffic for webmasters resulting in making some decent money online.

Implementing a Q&A platform on a website is really an effective way and it can be really easy too. Something like the Answerbase Q&A community platform allows website owners to create an efficient information source for their clients and visitors. By letting user participation, Answerbase extends the user’s ability to request and respond to questions. Your visitors can ask questions and if it makes sense for your audience, you can also permit knowledgeable members to contribute answers, growing both content as well as search traffic on your site.

With the help of Answerbase’s advanced customization and integration tools, you can add Q&A platform on your current website in couple of minutes. Answerbase is a web-based service, which means you do not have to install anything on your machine; everything is managed remotely on Answerbase’s servers. This Q&A system connects your visitors in a way that is helpful to them and creates value for you.

Answerbase Q&A Features:

Answerbase offers tools to customize your Q&A system and integrate seamlessly with your current website. You can use them to modify the look of your site, where you can even add your own CSS for more control. Widget builders permit you to easily integrate Q&A into your existing site and single sign-on authentication ensure your users have a seamless login experience. Other features of this Q&A platform are as follows:

  • Site visitors can add new questions or browse existing questions.
  • Active members can earn through the built in point system.
  • User can also customize ads on their Q&A site.

Answerbase Q&A Benefits:

There are several benefits of Q&A system once added to your site. Some of them have been listed below:

Customized Q&A Goals:

If you’re looking for one-on-one Q&A interaction, private collaboration or a public Q&A community, Answerbase can be customized for any use case to serve your needs. With easy configuration options and customization settings, you can launch Q&A platform that will help you to achieve your business goals.

Increases Search Engine Traffic:

Integrating a Q&A platform on your site is an efficient technique to build relevant content, which attracts new visitors or boost traffic to your website via search engines. Each question asked creates a new page on your system that has search engine friendly page titles, descriptions and URLs. Hence your content shows up in the results and bring new visitors to your site who are interested in your brand and content.

Recognizes Helpful Content Marketing Topics:

Answerbase site owners can evaluate which Q&A posts are getting the most organic traffic, effectively identifying the need of specific questions and the subject matters. You are able to study that data to determine what content marketing stuff is in demand and what you should focus on creating more in-depth blog posts. This procedure creates a nice content marketing channel, letting you to consistently grow organic traffic to your site.

Uses Software As A Service:

Answerbase uses Software as a Service model also known as SaaS, in order to provide proactive development and management of the Q&A application. It also offers infrastructure support needed to provide a reliable and scalable service. This widespread service permits you to spend your time and resources on increasing your site’s brand value. Answerbase provide the required staff and technology that will help in facilitating that growth.

Compatibility With Smartphones:

AnswerBase offers a specific layout for Smartphone navigation, which makes it convenient to access your Q&A application using your mobile phone.

Administration & Support:

Administration panel is easy to use and is hosted on a dedicated admin subdomain, different from the default site domain, which is quite helpful to separate these two functions.

Offers Community Driven Support:

You can customize your Answerbase Q&A platform to allocate external topic experts to support others through contributing answers. By adding these community features, opened up to a selected number of experts or a full open community, to give the most qualified answers. This community driven support presents your visitors in the best possible solutions to their inquiries.

Answerbase Q&A Pricing & Plans:

Answerbase comes with a free trial of 15 days to get a feel for the service, no credit card required. You can export your data anytime during the trial period. Take a look at the available plans offered by the company.

Basic Plan – $19/month:

It provides features like Custom Advertising, Answerbase Q&A Platform, System Reporting, Moderation Tools, Responsive Design, Video/Image Responses and use of your own domain name.

Professional Plan – $49/month:

This comes with Basic Features along with  CSS Customization, Social Network integration, Unlimited Moderators, Mobile Phones support, WidgetBuilders and Content API.

Business Plan – $249/month:

It offers Professional Features, Standard Single Sign On, Phone Support, Widget Reporting and Advanced API.

Enterprise Plan:

This plan is required if you want Business Features, Custom Development, Education and Training, Custom Single Sign On as well as Managed Setup and Integration.

Answerbase Q&A Plans & Pricing

Answerbase is really an easy way of configuring and integrating a Q&A module to an existing website. The administration and moderation tools make it easy to manage the activities on this Q&A platform.

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