How To Disable Annoying Twitter Notifications On Mobile

It happens with most of the Smartphone users, where they keep getting notifications for each and every activity performed on Twitter. While these notifications are very useful in some cases so that you don’t miss out on something important information, but the real problem is with too many notifications on other unnecessary content. There is a way to turn off notifications on Twitter to get rid of those annoying alerts.

1. Twitter’s Notification Settings:

The first step to stop Twitter’s notifications is to access the controls in your mobile app.

For iOS users:

In order to access your notification settings, tap on the “Me” icon. On the iPhone, it is on the bottom bar. On iPad, it’s on the bottom of the left sidebar. Now tap on the gear icon and choose Settings.

This will show your Settings panel, now tap on the account you want to modify. This will open up the notifications region. Scroll all the way down to see the full list of choices.

For Android users:

On Android device, tap the icon Menu icon in the top-right hand corner, hit Settings and choose your account.

2. Notification Types Customization:

Some notifications like Retweets or Favorites can be customized further. You can select to receive notifications every time you get a retweet or favorite or just when it is “tailored for you” by Twitter. What comprises “tailored for you” is kind of a black box. If you want all notifications, choose “anyone.”

3. For Sensible Notifications:

The notification settings that are likely to be the most annoying are Twitter Alerts, New Contacts, Recommendations, News and Other. Based on your personal preferences, you might like or hate the “Significant engagement” notes. Go through the settings to see what works for you and what doesn’t. If you have a lot of followers, you can limit the notifications to Messages and Significant engagement alerts.

4. Verify Notification Defaults With New App Updates:

By default, Twitter activates everything as far as notifications are concern. If you’re re-installing an app, you’ll have to revisit the settings to ensure that annoying alerts aren’t enabled. Twitter also adds notifications on a regular basis, so it’s a good idea to check-out the settings area. Settings don’t reflect on other devices. If you use an Android, iPhone or iPad device, you need to get your settings enabled across all places.

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