How To Do Case-Sensitive Search In Google Chrome

In order to perform case-sensitive search in Google, you are required to go to the Find bar (Ctrl + F) placed in the Firefox.  This Find bar offers “Match Case” option that can help you to perform this task. For example, if you type the word “Twitter” in the find box, you will see the browser highlighting the phrase “Twitter” and not “twitter” or “TWITTER”.

It is not possible to perform Case Sensitive Search in Google Chrome. People have been requesting for this feature since early days of Chrome. However, the requests have been rejected due to some reasons. As a result, Chrome hasn’t incorporated a case-sensitive search feature or any relevant extension.

However, there is one way to perform a case-sensitive search in Google. The bookmarklet link has proved to be a good choice to operate this feature.

For using a case sensitive search, you need to drag the bookmarklet link on the bookmarks toolbar. After that, you are required to type any word or phrase that you are aiming to find. The bookmarklet will highlight all the search results by marking them with a yellow color. All the cases will be matched as well.

You can use the bookmarklet link Case Sensitive Find to perform the search.

If you want to continue with your search, you are required to repeat this whole process to do more searches. You are required to click on this bookmarklet again to perform another search of your next series of words or phrases.

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