How To Get a New Website or Webpage Indexed By Google Quickly

JC2HA7KJ4DVG – The most important factor for any new website is to get itself a place in Google search results. It might not be rocket science for most of you guys reading this post but it’s very important for people who are still not aware of this fact. I have seen SEO companies charging a lot just to get a website or web page indexed by Google.

Matt Cutts makes things a bit easier for us and explains the best way to get your site indexed by Google quickly. Google does not have a fixed time frame to index a website. Your website can take months or even years to get indexed by Google. On the other hand, a website can be indexed by Google in matter of seconds. How? Watch the video below:

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  1. I just won a contest based on building links to the event website. I dropped links to Craigslist, other web 2.0 properties, classified ads, forums. bookmarking sites but the most effective links for that particular contest were good old-fashion blog comments.

  2. The way I get my sites indexed in usually just a few days tops is by pinging them. I use WordPress for all my sites and my first step is to ping my site at websites like and and pingoat. Then, I wait a day or two, and I start social bookmarking on sites like Digg and Stumbleupon, etc.

    It’s really not that hard to get a website indexed by Google, especially if you’re using WordPress.

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